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Trusted Provider of Indoor Air Quality Control, Mold Cleanup, Mold Removal, Asbestos Removal and all remediation services for residential and commercial properties in Toronto and the greater Toronto area. We handle all your mould removal and mould cleanup needs.

Mold Removal TorontoWe provide an extensive range of indoor environmental solutions that includes air quality control, thermal/ infrared roof checkup, mold detection, and black mould removal. Duly certified and well equipped with top of the line technologies, our specialists can check homes of various kinds as well as commercial properties. From getting rid of contaminants to effective remediation of affected structures, your guide towards a much improved living and work space begins us.

Breathe in the comfort and security with a healthy indoor air quality that starts with the experts at Inch by Inch EnviroComm Consultants. Our firm specializes in thorough indoor air quality control for residential and commercial properties. For improved productivity, health, and enjoyment of your work space – take that first step with Inch by Inch EnviroComm Consultants.

Effective and Detailed Air Quality Control

Indoor Air Quality TorontoWhile an environment seems clean and tidy on the surface, problems around and within its structures may cause unnecessary troubles in your office. From water and moisture intrusion to mould growth, there may be substances and factors around you that could negatively affect your day–to–day life. With Inch by Inch EnviroComm Consultants, you’ll have access to proper indoor air quality control conducted by certified and meticulous specialists using state–of–the–art equipment. We likewise provide detailed, honest, and practical recommendations that would guide you towards successful remediation and restoration.

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Mold Detection, Cleanup, & Removal Services

Secure your home’s indoor air quality with our certified mold removal company - Inch by Inch Envirocomm Consultants. Our team effectively conducts thorough mold detection and removal services. From clearing various structures of mold growth to remediating moisture build-up, our specialists consistently delivers results you and your household can trust and enjoy.

Mold Detection TorontoLarge quantities of mold can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems, skin irritation, eye irritation, nasal congestion, and other hazards that can harm you and your family. Removing mold poses a likewise stressful and grueling task, which requires the proper gear and equipment to effectively get rid of the unhealthy growth while avoiding further contamination. With certified residential technicians of Inch by Inch Envirocomm Consultants, you’ll never have to worry about any detail concerning mold detection and removal. We perform careful residential mold cleanup with the latest in mold detection technology as well as all the appropriate mold removal solutions for successful restoration and lasting results.

Starting the Mold Cleanup Process

mold cleanup TorontoAfter we have completed all mold detection, we can begin with the mold remediation. Cleanup starts by using a plastic sheeting stretched over a wood frame with a slit entry for the workers with a covering flap on the outside. The frame with the plastic sheeting would be open on the side of the mould infected wall, and would be fastened to the wall and ceiling with duct tape. Inside the containment area, all openings such as air vents and doors must be sealed with plastic to prevent spreading contaminants to other parts of the building.

A negative air machine with HEPA filtration is is used to draw air from the affected area, filtering it, and venting it outside the building. The negative air pressure that this maintains prevents any of the mold spores and other contaminants from escaping and effecting other parts of the building while the cleanup in progress. Once secure attainment is achieved, the mold cleanup can begin.

Start Your Mold Removal Today

Make better and smarter decisions for your office and business and begin breathing that fresh air indoors as you lounge or work. Inch by Inch EnviroComm Consultants provide mould detection, mould cleanup and removal, and other environmental remediation solutions. Schedule a home or commercial consultation with our team today.

1-647-308-5669 For Immediate Service 24/7


"We were very happy and impressed with Tony’s services. Far better than any home contractor we’ve ever dealt with. Tony takes the time to explain all the minor and major details, the ideal resource for a new home buyer."
By: Bobby and Bonnie S.

"Tony is the consummate professional. He walked us through all our options and helped us choose and understand what was the best option for our budget. Tony was patient with us when we kept repeating our concerns and he helped alleviate those concerns. We are truly glad that we found him. And by the way our house smells terrific!"
By: Gerry and Dee V.

"Tony Muscat of Inch by Inch is extremely professional, caring and prompt a individual, when he heard we may have a mould problem he came immediately."
By: Debra S.

"I called Tony Muscat of Inch By Inch because I had a serious basement mold concern. I found Tony to be very professional in his service. He promptly set an appointment and charged according to the areas and tests I wanted performed. Tony was very personable and caring giving me insight..."
By: Ann S.

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