Inch by Inch EnviroComm Consultants – Our Services

There could be too much dust in the air, moisture in unknown locations or corners, mould or bacteria growth – so many factors may come into play and any of those may be preventing you from enjoying a secure and healthy air quality indoors.

When every single one of these detail counts, Inch by Inch EnviroComm Consultants makes sure you are properly apprised of the air quality information you need. Our privately owned company prides itself in employing the ideal resources in order to provide complete environmental air quality inspection services that are fully reliable, factual, unbiased, and practical. From water leak detection to performing thermal imaging and infrared testing, we offer unmatched expertise in air quality improvement services.

We complete range of environmental indoor air quality inspection solutions to address various needs and requirements. Our certified inspectors  offer flat-rate pricing on tests and inspections, with no hidden or additional charges. From black mold detection and removal to asbestos testing, we can conduct expert inspections and testing seven (7) days a week for confirmed appointments. Each inspection likewise offers clients with a detailed and comprehensive air quality assessment for their own evaluation.

Our trusted professional inspectors  can conduct the following inspection solutions:
  • Mould inspection and Consultation
  • Mold Removal and Consultation
  • Radon assessment
  • Lead assessment
  • Asbestos Survey and assessment
  • Designated Substance reporting
  • Air quality and VOC testing
  • Infrared and Thermal Image Assessments
  • Water Detection
  • Black mold inspection
  • Odour inspection and consultation
  • Occupation Hygiene & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Phase I – Environment Assessment
  • Commercial Inspection

Phase I –Is a thorough and detailed examination of the property and any documentation past or present, that is associated that may have any environmental impact on the property.

Phase II –Consists of samples being taken from site such as air, ground water, soil and any building materials, than sent to laboratory to be analyzed and determine if any contaminants are present and the degree of the contamination and if it’s spreading.

Phase III –Examine the results and provide the application or information of how to properly and safely handle and remove contaminants from property which may include scientifically and economically possible by the in-situ or ex-situ treatment

The Phase I ESA initial property examination process has since become standardized within the consulting industry to ensure uniformity of content and procedure, and is embodied in the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) benchmark CSA Standard # Z768-01. While there exists a comparable standard for Phase II investigations in CSA Standard # Z769, the acquisition and analysis of samples typical of Phase II activity are also governed partly by prevailing legislative requirements, partly by accepted scientific protocol, and partly by sound business practice. As of July 1, 2011 amendments have been made to Ontario Regulation 153 / 04 that have resulted in a more prescriptive streamlined approach to the environmental assessment process. Being highly customized projects, Phase III ESA operations are by definition non-standard undertakings where practices and procedures are primarily dictated by the remediation techniques selected, the nature of the particular contaminants and the unique characteristics of a site.

INCH BY INCH ENVIROCOMMteam of highly qualified professionals is well versed in the conduct of the entire suite of Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments, and to all applicable legislative and industry standards. Our work is relied upon by numerous investor groups, financial institutions, governments, and a wide variety of privately and publicly held industrial and commercial clients.

Infrared Roof Inspection

With extensive roof damage comes expensive roof replacements. Prevent minor leaks and moisture accumulation from destroying your roof with our trusted infrared roof inspection services. Utilizing infrared and thermal imaging, our reliable roof inspectors can detect underlying defects in your residential roofing. With detailed assessments and practical recommendations, you can maintain the structural integrity of your roof without being troubled with unexpected roof repairs and accidents.