Tony did an excellent job with the house. He was very knowledgable in his field and thorough with the cleanup. He carefully and patiently looked at both exterior and interior of the building. He pointed out the deficiencies, what the risks are and how to rectify them. He answered all of our questions and made sure that we understood them. He offered his expertise and help if we needed.
Tony, thank you very much i really enjoyed spending the day with you,next time we will be having a beer in the backyard talking about what could of happened the first time i would have had to use the shower with no water. I tell you i feel so much more confident in the house now that you pointed out all the suggestions and deficiencies’ thanks.
Bobby & Bonnie Sahni
Tony Muscat of Inch by Inch is extremely professional, caring and prompt a individual, when he heard we may have a mould problem he came immediately. Tony was worried with the level of mould that was contained in this recent purchased older home and he walked me through the process of getting rid of the mould and what dangers were involved. He paid the best attention to us, while we went through this horrible ordeal. The fact that impressed me the most was his vast amount of knowledge, and the dangers of each mould which there are many. He is extremely professional and equipped to handle any job. I would reccommend Inch by Inch, (Tony) to anyone he is a concerned and serious individual, that cares about your family!!!!!!!
Debra Sfetkopoulos
When my tenants moved out of my rental I had a severe smoke odor to deal with. So after a little bit of Internet research, I discovered Ozone treatment to be the most effective method to get rid of the smoke odor. So I short-listed a couple of service providers in the area and made my calls.

Tony was by far the most knowledgeable person I spoke to and I had total confidence that he would be successful in taking care of my problem. We spoke a couple of times on the phone and he was very informative on the whole process…I learned a lot.

I decided to use Tony and after a 48 hr Ozone treatment, the odor was eliminated! I was totally amazed because the tenants lived there for 3 years and both the husband and wife smoked at least 1 pack/day each! The bottom line is that Tony delivered in a big way so I would easily recommend his services to anyone.

Thanks again Tony for all you help!
Joe Grandja
Inch by Inch provided an excellent service at a time when we needed to make an informed and rapid decision on some home mould issues. We found several companies that handled mould, contacted them but Tony was the only one who replied promptly. He then moved his schedule around to accommodate us, made the trip to Kingston ON, performed a thorough and high quality work, and quickly produced the results for us. As this was a student housing situation with several students and their out-of-town families involved, Tony made himself available for an evening conference call with all the players to explain the results and recommendations. I would not hesitate in recommending Tony for any required mould cleanup.
Monique Charron
I called Tony Muscat of Inch By Inch because I had a serious basement mold concern. I found Tony to be very professional in his service. He promptly set an appointment and charged according to the areas and tests I wanted performed. Tony was very personable and caring giving me insight as he went about collecting air samples and detecting moisture in walls. He gave me advice as to how to proceed with my landlord and followed up with me until the situation was rectified. I am very happy to report that with the test results from Inch By Inch my landlord addressed the situation immediately. I highly recommend Tony. He his honest, professional and kind and, he gets the job done!
Ann Schnurr
We were very happy and impressed with Tony’s services. Far better than any mold contractor we’ve ever dealt with. Tony takes the time to explain all the minor and major details, the ideal resource for a new home buyer. Thanks Tony.
Bobby and Bonnie Sahni
Tony is the consummate professional. He walked us through all our options and helped us choose and understand what was the best option for our budget. Tony was patient with us when we kept repeating our concerns and he helped alleviate those concerns. We are truly glad that we found him. And by the way our house smells terrific! Thanks
Gerry and Dee Vaughan
Good morning Tony,
I wanted to thank you for the bottom of my heart for all the information and guidance you provided me with yesterday in regards to insulating my home. Your honest advice has allowed me to take the proper steps to inform myself of the options we have to re-insulate my home.

Unfortunately, our insurance will not be providing any assistance therefore we no longer have the need for the thermal imaging services that I had requested you provide. Since we do not need to prove to anyone tat our home is not insulated, it is now our responsibility to tackle the project on our own.

I would also like to thank you again for all the insulation information you provided me yesterday and appreciate your honesty. I have never had the opportunity to have such a pleasant conversation with an individual in the “renovation” industry. You were the first person since we purchased our home that provided honest guidance.

Again…thank you tremendously.
Chantal S. Albert