Qualified and Certified Air Quality Inspectors

Inch by Inch EnviroComm Consultants employs only experienced and qualified personnel in conducting meticulous environmental testing and detection examinations. Our experts are duly certified by ITC, IICRC and IAC2 and maintain excellence in the field by consistently meeting the association’s continuing education requirements. We are bound by a Code of Ethics that demand fairness and impartiality, ensuring every air quality inspection we conduct gives you unbiased and confidential reporting performed by friendly and professional specialists.

Effective Mould, Asbestos, and Moisture Detection

Whether it involves pipe leaks, bacteria, or black mould, we can detect crucial areas of concern in your facility so you can properly handle every situation and avoid all the unnecessary hassles and expenses in the future. From thermal imaging to infrared inspection, our air quality inspectors in Toronto also utilize modern equipment and devices updated with the latest in technology to ensure you of thoroughly accurate results.

Experience a great change in your indoor environment that would make it more comfortable and appealing – simply with the air you breathe. Inch by Inch EnviroComm Consultants provide environmental inspections. Book an appointment with our inspectors or contact us for a consultation.