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What You Need to Know About Molds

Molds are a type of fungus that grows into organisms that can be commonly seen in spaces like walls. Molds differ in types, in color, and appearances especially when found in food. Molds are considered as living organism and when present, it could cause spoilage in food and damage to property.

The accumulation of molds in homes or buildings is a common sight especially in areas where moist is present. The most habitable areas for molds are places like roofs and pipes with leakages, or near windows. They also grow fast in wood products, paper products, ceiling tiles, and bathroom tiles. Wallpapers, drywalls, carpet, upholstery, and fabric are also a suitable place for them to grow.

It may look harmless but its presence in large quantities could be considered a health hazard. Some type of molds even produced mycotoxins that can bring serious health risks to humans and animals.Molds can be very aggravating to some sensitive people because they can cause allergic reactions that may lead to skin irritations, eye irritations, throat irritations, and may even cause coughing. Individuals with mold allergies will experience a more severe reaction. People who have diseases related to lungs may even catch serious infections when exposed to areas with a sizable amount of molds.

Since this are organisms that usually grow in damp areas, it is but natural for them to grow inside and outside of homes. Open doorways, vents in the air conditioning system, or windows are a few of the possible entry ways for molds. Once inside, they can immediately scatter on the interior walls of buildings or homes. On the other hand, people can get molds inside the home by getting attached to shoes, bags, clothing, or through pets.

Mold inspection in Toronto should be ideally conducted whenever seasons change. When detected early, mould removal Brampton is possible. Other means of controlling the growth of molds would be controlling the humidity levels of your home or office, promptly fixing leaking roofs and pipes, and in instances of flood, proper cleaning and drying should be done.

Mold removal in Mississauga can also be done by ensuring that there is proper ventilation in areas such as shower, laundry, and kitchen. Mould removal in Toronto can also be done using natural mold removal products or soap and water. Following the CHMC guidelines or call us for mold removal toronto to discuss further information and assistance.

Black mold inspection in Brampton which often looks like small black spots especially ones that has a musty smell is definitely a health hazard. This type of molds, or any other type for that matter should be removed from your home. Sampling a mold for inspection might just create a bigger infection so it is advice that once you see mold growth inside or outside your homes, immediately remove the mold and clean the area. Any moisture that is causing its growth should also be repaired to prevent further growth. When removing molds, it is also best to wear protective gear for your eyes, nose, and skin to avoid irritations.


Home Hazards You Need To Know

Some home hazards are visible to the eyes and some are not but they are, in one way or another, causes of certain diseases and infections that may affect those who are living in the area where they are present. Here are some of these hazards you need to know.

Although tasteless, odorless, and colorless, radon is considered as a health hazard due to its radioactivity.It can enter any type of infrastructure – homes, offices, universities, or any building. Studies show that breathing air that has radon have caused thousands of death each year. In fact breathing air contaminated by radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.

The only way to know if radon is present in your area is by radon testing Mississauga. It is inexpensive, easy, and will only require you a few minutes of your time. Most of the radon kits available all throughout the country can successfully detect and reduce radon levels in your home up to 99%. Even high level radon can be reduced to safer and acceptable levels.

Asbestos on the other hand comes in different array of colors like blue, brown, white asbestos, and more. Although instant exposure to this mineral will not cause any harmful effect right away, prolonged exposure to it will cause serious illnesses such as lung cancer. To determine if asbestos is presenting your home, asbestos testing in Toronto should be performed by accredited asbestos labs.

During testing, a sample of the area suspected to contain asbestos is taken. It is then tested further in laboratories. Unlike with radon testing, some tests conducted with asbestos are expensive such as transmission electron microscopy (TEM) test. Although dangerous and considered as a silent killer, asbestos can be eliminated from the structure of homes and other buildings.

The causes of water intrusion varies from improper installation methods and certain types of siding materials. Poor assembly of windows, walls, or roof is another cause. Poor grading and poor ground contact are also factors in having water intrusion. Moisture intrusion inspection Toronto can confirm the presence of abnormal moisture inside a home or building. This type of testing uses a special type of equipment and is available with additional cost.   Some test will also require creating small holes to determine the presence of moisture in the building material. A moisture analysis report is usually provided along with photos.

Another health hazard present in homes and office buildings are moulds. Mould inspection in Toronto should be done regularly to determine any growth of moulds inside and outside a building. If mould is already present, mould inspection Brampton is still needed to determine the extent of its growth so mould remediation can be performed.

Moulds are living organisms that thrive in the part of homes and buildings where moist is present. This could be from areas where there is leakage like roofs, pipes, air conditioning units, or vents. Exposure to moulds can create irritation and allergic reactions especially to sensitive people or those that has allergy with moulds. Unlike with the earlier home hazards that were mentioned, moulds can be removed with the use of commercial cleaning materials such as soap and water or bleach solution. It can also be prevented by keeping your house clean and well ventilated.


The Use of Thermal Imaging in Detecting Air Leaks

The possibility to see an environment with or without visible illumination is attainable through the use of thermograms which is a by-product of infrared imaging sciences such as thermal video, thermal imaging, and infrared thermography.

Thermograms are produced by infrared thermal imaging Toronto with use of infrared cameras. These cameras detect the heat emitted by a certain object or person. These cameras are built with sensors that captures waves from the infrared energy and converts them into electrical signals which then create an output similar to a video image.

Infrared thermal imaging is especially useful in operations like military, law enforcement, hunting in the wild especially at night, wildlife observation, security and surveillance, navigation, detection of hidden objects, or even in entertainment.

Infrared thermal imaging or IR is also very useful in leak detection in Toronto which includes defects in insulation and during energy audits since it allows someone to see the evident temperature in a certain area. Using infrared inspection Brampton, an inspector would be able to determine the sources of air leaks and they can also quickly pinpoint the exact location and capture it for documentation.


An inspector would also be able to gather important data about a building since they would be able to determine which areas are cold and hot. The images produced by a camera during a thermal inspection Toronto can be consolidated and added as supplemental documentation along with other photos.   This way, an inspector would be able to determine which areas needs to be well insulated during the summer or which areas needs regularthermal inspection Mississauga during the winters.

A properly insulated area can save you a huge amount on energy cost that’s why it is important to have your home and offices regularly checked. If your home is due for inspection is it important that you are present. Your inspectors or the company you contracted should also be a certified professional inspector and should be able to inform you what to anticipate during the inspection.

Commonly thermal inspection starts on the exterior of the home. Any damage area that needs immediate attention should be pointed out to you. After a thorough exterior assessment is done, the inspection is next.   The assessment will include all areas sensitive to changes in temperature like heating systems, air conditioning systems, electrical systems, and plumbing. All visible areas will be checked as well including attics, roof, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, and crawlspaces. After all this has been checked, your inspector should be able to give you an assessment of what needs to be repaired immediately.

Before winter when heat is a necessity inside homes and offices, or on summers where air conditioning is needed the most, it is always important to have your homes and offices checked to avoid further loss due to damages brought about by the changing weather. To make sure that you have all areas covered, a thorough thermal inspection will be your best option


Causes of Poor Quality of Indoor Air

We spend most of your time indoors, whether it may be at our offices or homes. It is easy for most people to think that since they spend most their time indoors, the possibility of getting sick is lesser than when outdoors. What most people do not know is, indoor air is a lot more polluted compared to outdoor air. These pollutants come from the chemicals our bodies produced from our daily activities, or from the products and chemicals we use at home or at the office.

With regular cleaning and disinfecting, a lot of people think that this alone is enough to keep the indoor environment safe. But the fact is, no matter how much we keep our indoor environment clean and hygienic, there are still types of pollutants which may be naked to our eyes that can still cause diseases or allergies like skin irritation, coughing, asthma, eye and ear infections, and even headache. Where does this pollutants come from?

Most of these pollutants are airborne chemicals from products that we use in our homes and offices. This may be coming from the spray we use to clean our appliances and furniture, chemicals we use to clean floors, windows, or walls. There are thousands of chemicals emitted from these substances that may be harmful to our health. To make sure that our indoors are free from these pollutants, air quality inspection Toronto should be done in our homes. While commercial inspection Toronto should be conducted in business offices.

Mold is another culprit we can consider that brings indoor air pollution. Molds are created due to moisture problem and once they are present indoors, they emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) and particulates that compromises the air quality of our indoors thus also becoming a health hazard. Toronto air quality inspection is needed to determine the presence of molds. Once confirmed, promptly determine the cause of moisture problem at your home or office and have it repaired immediately.

Most buildings especially commercial spaces and offices use air conditioning. To maximize its efficiency, we make sure that these spaces are sealed and insulated. Most air conditioning system also brings in very little air from the outdoor so the air inside just circulates. While it is true that this system saves us cost and energy, it is also true that the indoor air quality is compromised.

Take for instance when someone from work has a cold or flu and after just spending a few hours on the same room with the same people, the rest will most likely catch the infection and disease as well. This is because they are breathing the same air and thus inhaling the same bacteria too.

Having indoor clean air has its benefits that’s why air quality testing Mississauga should be regularly conducted in our home. Spaces mostly used by different individuals like offices should also have commercial inspection Mississauga to make sure that the quality of air everyone breathes in the same area is clean and safe.