The Use of Thermal Imaging in Detecting Air Leaks

The Use of Thermal Imaging in Detecting Air Leaks

The possibility to see an environment with or without visible illumination is attainable through the use of thermograms which is a by-product of infrared imaging sciences such as thermal video, thermal imaging, and infrared thermography.

Thermograms are produced by infrared thermal imaging Toronto with use of infrared cameras. These cameras detect the heat emitted by a certain object or person. These cameras are built with sensors that captures waves from the infrared energy and converts them into electrical signals which then create an output similar to a video image.

Infrared thermal imaging is especially useful in operations like military, law enforcement, hunting in the wild especially at night, wildlife observation, security and surveillance, navigation, detection of hidden objects, or even in entertainment.

Infrared thermal imaging or IR is also very useful in leak detection in Toronto which includes defects in insulation and during energy audits since it allows someone to see the evident temperature in a certain area. Using infrared inspection Brampton, an inspector would be able to determine the sources of air leaks and they can also quickly pinpoint the exact location and capture it for documentation.


An inspector would also be able to gather important data about a building since they would be able to determine which areas are cold and hot. The images produced by a camera during a thermal inspection Toronto can be consolidated and added as supplemental documentation along with other photos.   This way, an inspector would be able to determine which areas needs to be well insulated during the summer or which areas needs regularthermal inspection Mississauga during the winters.

A properly insulated area can save you a huge amount on energy cost that’s why it is important to have your home and offices regularly checked. If your home is due for inspection is it important that you are present. Your inspectors or the company you contracted should also be a certified professional inspector and should be able to inform you what to anticipate during the inspection.

Commonly thermal inspection starts on the exterior of the home. Any damage area that needs immediate attention should be pointed out to you. After a thorough exterior assessment is done, the inspection is next.   The assessment will include all areas sensitive to changes in temperature like heating systems, air conditioning systems, electrical systems, and plumbing. All visible areas will be checked as well including attics, roof, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, and crawlspaces. After all this has been checked, your inspector should be able to give you an assessment of what needs to be repaired immediately.

Before winter when heat is a necessity inside homes and offices, or on summers where air conditioning is needed the most, it is always important to have your homes and offices checked to avoid further loss due to damages brought about by the changing weather. To make sure that you have all areas covered, a thorough thermal inspection will be your best option


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The Use of Thermal Imaging in Detecting Air Leaks | Inch By Inch

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The Use of Thermal Imaging in Detecting Air Leaks | Inch By Inch

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